Thank you for your supportClick the button above to get the PDF of the gift certificate that you can send to your loved one via email. Once they receive the gift certificate, they can click the link on the gift certificate to get their copy of the Coping With Grief Workbook.

Once you click on the button, you'll be electronically whisked away to the PDF link for the gift certificate. Simply click the download arrow in the top right of the screen and save it to your computer. 

Then, when you're ready, send your loved one an email and attach the PDF gift certificate to it. Let them know you love and support them and that you hope that this workbook can help lead them to brighter days ahead.

In that PDF gift certificate, there is a link that will your loved one away electronically to the signup page for the workbook. 
(Here is the link for the sign up page in case you need it.)

Note: You are responsible for gifting this to your loved one. 

Know that I will not be emailing them directly until they have signed up themselves via the signup form 
(because privacy laws and consent are cool :).

If you have any questions, simply email - I'm here and happy to help.

With immense gratitude,

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