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While our Grief Gift Boxes provide a comforting embrace, sometimes the path of grief demands a more personal touch. That's where our coaching sessions come in. Whether you're gifting comfort to a loved one or seeking support for yourself, these sessions offer a safe space for healing and understanding.

A Session Tailored to Your Journey
Led by me, Tammy, a certified grief coach and death doula, these sessions are designed to meet you wherever you are in your grief journey. For the recipient of the gift box, it's an added layer of support; for the giver, it’s an opportunity to navigate your own feelings or learn how best to support your loved one. My approach is a blend of empathy, expertise, and heartfelt guidance.

A Quick Two-Step to Complete Your Heartfelt Gesture
Until tech decides to be our friend, we've got a little two-step for you to complete this heartfelt gesture. 
First, click the button below to book your coaching session. Then, glide over to the button for the Grief Gift Box of your choice. 
*Both the box and the session must be purchased within 24hrs of each other to qualify for the discounted coaching session.

A Holistic Approach To Healing
By bundling a Grief Gift Box with a coaching session, you're choosing to offer a more comprehensive form of support. This thoughtful pairing ensures that your gesture of care extends beyond the physical, offering emotional and mental support that can make all the difference on the journey to recovery.

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