Holiday Grief Relief Webinar

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90 min Online Webinar
Holiday Help
All Losses Welcome
Community Care
Inside this 2-hr webinar I'll walk you through...

Types of loss
Learn why any of the over 40 types of loss can leave us feeling sad, confused, and wondering how we're going to make it through the holidays.

The myths that hold us back
Learn how myths like 'just give it time' are rarely helpful and keep us from healing and feeling better.

Holidays & grief
How the holidays and other 'hot zones' in our calendars naturally amplify the feelings of loss and grief in our lives.

Tools that don't work
We looove to numb and hide. The the tools we've been taught simply.don', and often make us feel worse. 

Tools that DO work
Learn my favourite holistic tools and techniques that DO work and help you move forward.

How to navigate the holidays
I'll share my proven techniques that will help you navigate the holiday season in the ways that work for YOU. 
You'll walk away from this training feeling...

CALM, because you'll know what techniques to employ when you're feeling triggered.

CLEAR, because you'll understand why platitudes like 'be strong' simply.don'

CONFIDENT, because you have a guide for WHAT to do no matter what circumstances you find yourself in

UNDERSTOOD, because grief is normal and natural, you're not alone in feeling alone. Learn actionable tools you can implement immediately and reuse as necessary.


Why I created this for you
The holidays are already overflowing with emotions and uncertainty, let alone when you're processing loss and grief in your life. The pressure to be joyful, light, and filled to the brim with cheer is enough to drive anyone under the blankets and knee deep in a Netflix marathon.

You're not alone and it's precisely why I've prepared this for you. To help you navigate the holidays with greater ease and empower you with the proven tools and techniques to support your wellbeing. This holistic approach is what I use everyday with my clients, and myself. They're proven, trusted, and I'm excited to share them with you too. 

Hope to see you there!

p.s. if you'd like to learn more about my holistic coaching approach, you can learn more about me and Grief Recovery here.

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