Grief can be a deeply painful, lonely, and isolating experience. When someone we care about dies, our relationship ends in divorce, or we experience any of the other 40 forms of loss, we often feel unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with our emotions.

Whether you are grieving due to a recent loss or a loss from long ago, it is never too soon or too late to heal your heart ... so come on in. 

Your journey to healing.
When you’re in pain, broken-hearted, confused, lost … who can you turn to?

When you’re feeling stuck, hopeless, defeated, and know you need help … but who, where, how?

When you are the survivor, in every sense of the word, but no one around you understands what you’re feeling …

Lean in here. What got you here may vary, but our needs are all the same. 
You want to be free. To feel better. To move forward.

Good thing I’m a pro at this.

A holistic approach to 
loss and life

Get the tools you need to complete the pain of your past and move forward.

Navigate a diagnosis, be proactive in planning for the one certainty in life, or learn the master lessons from this mystery called death.

Integrate and harness the infinite power of your mind, body, and spirit connection.

The heart-mind is our greatest-and often most neglected-form of intelligence.

Choose How To Get Started ...

Children & Grief - A Course For Parents

Get the tools you need here, so you can be there for your child. 

This 'short n' sweet' course (because we know how busy parents are!), developed alongside Registered Psychotherapist Colleen Mousseau, helps to answer your common questions about explaining death and grief to your child.


The Coping With Grief Workbook

This workbook is perfect for those seeking simple and accessible support in the complex world of grief. 

You'll understand what grief is and how it works, get creative with tools to help process your emotions, and uncover empowering insights about yourself ... even when you only have the energy to put one foot in front of the other. 


Free Courses & Resources

Have you ever written a love letter to your emotions? 

Mapped out your best life by beginning at the end?

Thought about how you'd want your funeral to look?

Then dive in here and start your journey ... for free!


Work with Tammy privately 1:1 

If you know you're in need of deeper support, one on one, with a trusted grief coach who has helped hundreds of others from around the world walk the path of loss and come through to the other side ... I got you.

Sign yourself up for a no-obligation Discovery Call by clicking the button below.

Hi, I'm Tammy, and I'm so honoured that you're here.
I'm a Certified Life Coach, Grief Recovery Specialist & Educator, Death Doula, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Heart Centered Facilitator that specializes in guiding people through loss, back to life.

From facing a cancer diagnosis as a child, and again as an adult, to navigating the tragic death of a dear friend (while traveling alone on the other side of the world), to caregiving for the elderly, and even sitting bedside during their final breaths, I empathize with how heavy, unyielding, and isolating grief can feel.

It took me years to learn all that I have and now I'm truly excited to share my holistic tools that have not only helped me, but hundreds of others around the world, to complete the pain of loss(es) so we can move forward.

 Are you ready to take the action necessary to heal your heart?

I'm ready if you are.  💜

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